Jason Deift Testimonials

Jason is an indispensable and valued member of the Moonwalk Audio team, providing a fantastic gloss and sheen to our high profile projects. He’s easy to work with, and the results always impress!
- Adam Gubman - Producer

I’ve been fortunate to work with Jason Day on a number of projects over the last few years and every time he seems to up his game from the last time we worked together. His attention to detail and dedication to every sound is second to none. I look forward to hearing how he can improve whatever it is I am doing. He challenges me to be better at what I do and my work is greatly improved by his involvement in it.
- Bobbo Byrnes - Singer Songwriter, Musician & Mastering Client

I've used Jason for numerous recording, mixing and mastering projects. When tracking at his studio he always manages to bring the best out of me and push me to achieve better recordings than I previously thought possible. He is able to maintain a great balance between the technical aspects of recording high quality music without losing sight of the artistic pursuit.(br) When it comes to mixing and mastering he can make recordings come to life. Cleaning out mud and other problems and really making the track shine. When I first hear the final master from Jason I never fail to grin from ear to ear. I've heard him work with numerous styles of music and he tailors his work accordingly very well.
On top of his vast talent, experience and abilities with music, he is possibly the nicest person you will ever meet and a consummate professional. He can be counted on to do what he says he is going to do and treat his clients fairly & respectfully. He makes a concerted effort to understand the songs he is working with so that he can best make the artist's vision come to life. There is no one I trust more with my music that Jason. He makes making music fun, as it should be. I cannot recommend him enough.
- Doug Schmude, Singer Songwriter & Recording, Mixing & Mastering Client

I was introduced to Jason in 2019; I had a Single that was ready for mastering. The results were fantastic. We had a chance to work on a follow up single in early 2020 - and again, the communications, timing, deadlines and ease of working back & forth was seamless.
Over the past several years, I have released 2 EPs that were mastered at other studios, prior to meeting Jason - to do it over again, I would have worked with Jason. So for my latest 6-song EP release (Sept 2020), there was only one choice.
As we have had the chance to build the relationship, I can't imagine ever using another Mastering partner.
- John McCabe, Singer Songwriter & Mastering Client

They say a wizard is someone who uses magic and magical practices. He is especially skilled or unusually talented in a particular field. By this definition, this man is truly a wizard. After five years of working together and two albums later, Jason's ability to apply his superb musical talent and technical expertise is pure magic. It's not often that you find the combination of a producer who understands the genre of all music styles and who is amazingly adroit at creating the sounds essential to a professional recording experience. I'm always amazed at his command and knowledge of the recording and engineering process. Easy to work with, flexible, creative and sometimes funny, I believe he's got the best ears in the business. Keep up the good work my friend. Again, many thanks for the magic.
- Paul, Singer Songwriter & Music Production Client